5 Reasons Why To Buy Ripple XRP Coin

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5 Reasons Why To Buy Ripple XRP Coin

5 Reasons Why To Buy Ripple XRP Coin. The development team at Ripple currently has nearly 200 employees. Many of them are support engineers and field technicians. The team is very good at the technical chapter and at promotion and advertising also. This can be seen from the fact that they managed to convince a number of approximately 80 banks to test their technology for cross-border payments. Let’s see what this currency has and why it should be purchased in September this year.

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Higher return on investment (in percent)

Well, this is a very good reason why you should buy XRP. XRP is currently the most underrated currency in the top 4 Crypto market currencies. This means that this currency has made a significant progress to be used in the real world, but it still has remained cheap.

There are several reasons why XRP has remained cheap. First of all, BTC and ETH benefit from the majority of the attention of the big investors, but also the attention of small investors and this leads to higher prices. Another reason is that Ripple is a bank-working company, and in the Crypto world this is a sacrilege. Ripple is one of the coins that has a lot of enemies. This can be seen in XRP dedicated forums. The XRP is for people with open minds, not for people with preconceived ideas.

A third reason why Ripple XRP Coin has remained cheap is precisely the huge amount of coin issued: 100 billion coins. This has discouraged large-scale investors, who were afraid that the market could suddenly be invaded by a large amount of coins. These fears have been proven to be unintelligible over the years. This myth was shattered recently when Ripple announced that it would block 55 billion coins in the Escrow just to get rid of any fears. But what did I mean by percent yield?

Take, for example, BTC. It is currently trading at 4,500 $. From estimates of various specialists it can not raise more than 7,000 $ this year. If the BTC price reaches 7,000 $ , the return on this investment is 56%. It is known that an expensive currency grows more heavily (in%) than a cheap one.

Let’s analyze XRP now. It is currently trading at 0.20 $. In the opinion of many Crypto market specialists, XRP may reach a price of at least 0.75 $ by the end of the year. The return on this XRP investment will be over 300%.

Higher technology

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XRP was specifically designed to be able to change current cross-border money transfers. We are talking here about the old and the slow SWIFT. At present, a transfer with SWIFT between two countries can take from 3 to 5 days. Not to mention the costs of these transfers, which are not negligible, especially if we are talking about transfers of tens of thousands of dollars.

XRP is a third-generation blockchain technology currently being exceeded by IOTA’s only tangle blockchain technology. For example, Bitcoin being the first crypto currency, has a first-generation blockchain technology.

An XRP transfer is done in 4 seconds. By comparison, an Ethereum transfer is made in about 3 minutes and a Bitcoin transfer in 10 to 30 minutes.

XRP can perform 1500 transfers / second, Ethereum 15 transfers / second and Bitcoin 7 transfers per second.

You can see that XRP technology is far superior to the other two coins.

The total number of coins issued is 100 billion. This impressive number of coins is specifically designed to make the bulk of cross-border transfers. Institutions using the Ripple transfer platform will reduce the cost of transfers by 30%. If institutions use the Ripple platform and the XRP currency, the transfer costs will decrease by 60%.

5 Reasons Why To Buy Ripple XRP Coin

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