How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin With Credit/Debit Card

changelly visa How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin With CreditDebit Card

How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin With Credit/Debit Card

How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin With Credit/Debit Card ? There is not much requirement for this purpose. All you need to be a registered user on Changelly website (Which is totally free) and you must have a Ripple wallet address to receive the Ripple coin. The Ripple wallet account can be created on CoinPayment for free. They charge a fee only when you make a transaction.

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Step by step guide to buying Ripple XRP Coin on Changelly with Credit Card: Follow these steps to buy XRP on Changelly by paying through Debit card or Credit card:

Step 1: Register on the website:

Registration on Changelly is totally free for all investors. The website will charge a fee only on transactions. There is no fee to create and maintain an account on Changelly. To register on Changelly, you need to click on Sing up button which can be found on the top of the website, on the right-hand side. For registration purpose, you need to have a valid email ID where the website will send you your username, password, and other details.

Step 2: Select the currency:

Once you register on the website and follow the guide by creating your profile, the next step is to buy Ripple coin with Credit/Debit Card. For this purpose, you need to visit the home page of Changelly.

How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin With CreditDebit Card changelly-ripple

From there you need to select the currency you want to purchase e.g. Ripple Coin (XRP) and enter the amount in USD in other bar. Once you done with this, click on exchange button. If you are already login to the website, it will take you the payment process page; otherwise, it will ask you to log in on Changelly first.

Step 3: Confirm your order:

On this page, you need to confirm your order by checking the amount in USD and XRP. You will get other information on this page including estimated time of arrival of XRP in your Ripple wallet. Click next if you agree with this.

Step 4: Enter the Ripple wallet address:

You need to create a Ripple wallet (some wallets give you Destination Tag to complete the transfer safe), where you would like to receive your Ripple coin. You can use CoinPayments network for this purpose because it is free and charge a very low fee on every transaction.

changelly-Enter the Ripple wallet address

(For long term investment i high recommend Ledger Nano S wallet,For more information about Best Ripple XRP Wallets please check this article: The Best Ripple XRP Wallets for 2018 )Once you enter the address of your wallet and destination tag, you need to click on Next button to proceed.

Step 5: Confirm the information:

changelly-xrp-Confirm the information

Changelly will ask for the confirmation before making the process. Look on the detail, if everything looks fine, click on the button called “Confirm and Make Payment”.

Step 6: Enter the Credit card details:

In the previous step, your transaction has been created to buy Ripple coin with your Credit or Debit card. Simply, click on Pay With Visa/Master Card button and enter your card details with valid thru and CVC details. Click on Pay button which will also show you the amount which you have to pay.

changelly visa How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin With CreditDebit Card

Step 7: Confirm your payment by SMS:

For this confirmation, you need to enter your phone number. You will receive a 4 digit code on your mobile for this purpose. If you do not receive the call, you can use the alternative way for the verification purpose.

changelly Confirm your payment by SMS

For this purpose, you must have a camera on your computer or mobile through which you are buying the Ripple coin. You will need to record a video by holding your passport with the picture in your hand. You will receive the code within 15 minutes if you choose the second option on your computer screen.

Step 8: Receive your Ripple coin:

Once you entered the four digit code, your transaction will be processed. It may take from 5-30 minutes to receive Ripple coin in your Ripple wallet.

The time of receiving Ripple coin in your Wallet also depends on the wallet website. If you choose Coinpayments as your Ripple coin, the process time will be very fast. Also, keep in mind that the first transaction on any website takes time because on the first transaction the company verifies the identity of the person to minimize the chances of fraud.

Different websites have different policies when it’s come to purchase Ripple XRP coin due to which the process could be time taking but Changelly does not have any complex process of purchasing Ripple coin with Debit or Credit Card, so as compared to other cryptocurrency websites, the process on Changelly is relatively fast.

This ledger wallet for digital currency has the ability to automatically make the backup of your account to keep it safe for you. So, in case if you lose it or someone steals from you, you can easily get the access to your account. This backup has been made on the recovery sheet, which is different for each wallet user.

How To Buy XRP Ripple Coin With Credit/Debit Card

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